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Testimonial Videos


Let your clients do the selling.

It might be tough to convince potential customers of the value that you provide. Still, testimonials from satisfied customers have shown to be among the best ways to show them how much your product or service may benefit them.

Testimonial Videos | 🎬 Memory Mill Media | Houston Video Productions
Testimonial Videos | 🎬 Memory Mill Media | Houston Video Productions

Share true and honest stories.

Review sites can help or hurt your business. A new study found that 82% of people read reviews online before they buy something from a local shop. Reviews are very important for any business, and videos work much better than just words.

How can testimonial videos help my business?

Video testimonials can help your customers decide to buy your product or service instead of one of your competitors if they aren’t sure yet.

The tricky part is that they might not hear from you (yet), because it doesn’t seem trustworthy in the beginning stages of a sales process. They’d rather hear from people who are like them.

Take a look at it this way. Which of the following would make you more likely to hire that doctor if you were looking for one? 

1) “We’re the best dentist in Houston!”


2) “Dr Marcus changed my life in every way. For the first time in years, I can smile freely and play in the yard with my kids. I really think you should use them.”

You will have to do less work in the future to find, convince, and convert your target market if you use customer reviews. Besides that, you’ll get more people interested who might not have known about your solution before.

  • Attract customers who are on the fence.
  • Engage new people who want to buy from you.
  • Help you find and niche down your target audience.
  • Target more of your best buyers.
  • Make video content that is strong enough to go viral.

Who is your target audience?

Customer testimonials are an asset you should promote to anyone who wants to do business with you. We can also create more than one customer testimonial that addresses different pain points if you have more than one client.

For example, if you run a dentist office, you might want to target teens and people who love food in different ways because they have different goals.

People who like food can hear a story about how your business can help them enjoy food the way they always have.

For teens, you could talk about Invisalign, which can straighten teeth without making them look awkward like braces, and keep their bright, youthful look.

We can help you figure out who your ideal customers are, what problems they face, and the best way to connect with them with a great customer testimonial video.

Where can I share a testimonial video?

Video testimonials do great in a number of applications, such as:

  • Your blog, email, and social networks
  • Your Google My Business page
  • In sales presentations to close other customers
  • Ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram
  • Social media posts that people will want to share
Testimonial Videos | 🎬 Memory Mill Media | Houston Video Productions

The best ways to use your testimonial videos.

We want to make sure you can maximize the potential of your actual video. Here are a few further ways that video testimonials are impactful.

  • Make more sales on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Convince people to visit your website and drive sales.
  • Highlight real people, your quality and benefits 
  • Create an emotional connection with your target audience.
  • Get new customers talking about your company
  • Get your target audience excited outcomes and results
  • Build a great testimonial database for your website.
  • Use their own words in ad copy instead of your brand’s.

Create videos that grow conversion rates by 80%.

Studies confirm that incorporating a movie on a website or landing page can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%. This is because videos have the power to grab visitors’ attention and present facts in a way that is more relevant and enjoyable than text-only content.


Customer Video Testimonial Packages

Working with us gives you a partner in business and marketing, in addition to video production. To provide you with the creativity of a large agency at a reasonable cost and lightning-fast turnaround times, we redesigned the ideal video agency to give you the best brand videos.

📍Completely on-site

Our crew travels to your site to capture it all, and edit everything right here in Houston, Texas.

🎯 On-target

Your film easily integrates with the rest of your strategy, from campaign goals to company culture and tone.

⚡️ Quick Delivery

From planning to filming and editing, your final videos will be sent to you right away.

🏷️ Fair Prices

We make powerful video marketing easy for any customer. There are no tricks, secret fees, or surprises.

👍 Key features that fit your needs.

  • 1-2 min video assets
  • Custom aspect ratio (like wide, stories, posts, reels, carrousels..)
  • Half-day on-premise filming
  • Professional lighting & audio
  • Full post production
  • Licensed music & graphics
  • Closed captions, text overlays
Testimonial Videos | 🎬 Memory Mill Media | Houston Video Productions
Testimonial Videos | 🎬 Memory Mill Media | Houston Video Productions
Testimonial Videos | 🎬 Memory Mill Media | Houston Video Productions
Testimonial Videos | 🎬 Memory Mill Media | Houston Video Productions
Testimonial Videos | 🎬 Memory Mill Media | Houston Video Productions


Do you need something else? Get in touch with us directly and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

How can customer video testimonials benefit my business?

Because they establish trust with prospective customers and provide social proof, customer testimonial videos are an excellent asset for businesses. Through the sharing of happy client stories, you may sway and convince others to adopt your brand. 

Feature genuine people and their honest opinions to build credibility, emphasize your special value offer, and connect with the people you want to reach. Video testimonials have the power to increase sales, improve brand recognition, and eventually drive growth for your business.

Can you guide us in choosing the idea customer for a video testimonial?



We can assist in selecting suitable customers for your customer testimonials. Working with you, our team will determine the best client profiles and create a plan for contacting them. 

Conducting interviews, providing direction on how to collect testimonials, and assisting your clients in feeling comfortable in front of the camera are all areas that we can help you with. 

Our aim is to ensure that your prospective clients find your customer testimonial films to be real, approachable, and relevant.