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About Us

Discover who we are, what we do, and how we do videos differently.

Our setup

Memory Mill Media™ was established by Zach Nassif, a creative with a cinematography background.

Other agencies want to grow at all cost, we did things differently.

We prefer to keep the team small and flexible. To you this means no messages lost in a chain of commands and more peace of mind. When the team is small, there’s more personalization at every level, as you work directly with your videographer. This doesn’t mean we cut corners, every crew member we work with is onboarded to our standards, whether an out-of-state cameraman or a remote video editor.

This flexibility allow us to hire better, more experienced freelancers, without unneeded overhead. As a result, we pass on these savings onto our customers, instead of raising our prices like other video companies.

How we serve you

Rather than spreading ourselves thin across numerous projects, we’ve found that we enjoy focusing on a select number of clients. This allows us to fully immerse ourselves in your brand, culture and vision.

This involves learning your operations, and understanding your business process, like your Unique Value Proposition, top marketing channels, and what worked and didn’t work for you in the past.

Videos can be applied in countless ways, but not all of them mean profit. Our aim is to identify the strategies that drive revenue within your business. Together, we’ll explore the most impactful opportunities that video can help to scale your business and convert more customers.

Proudly creating videos since 2001

Since 2001, we’ve been dedicated to providing top-notch video production services, assisting businesses and individuals in realizing their creative visions. Our track record, driven by our commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and technologies, with a genuine passion for video production and decades of expertise, we strive to consistently deliver high-quality results that surpass expectations.

Our clients

We partner with forward-thinking business owners hungry for growth. These business leaders envision growing businesses that not only thrive but also reach a wider audience.

We collaborate with those who share this belief and are eager to enhance their brand communication. Our clients are often business owners, internal marketing teams, or external agencies managing brand marketing.

We serve various industries, including:

  • Dental practices, private clinics, labs & specialists
  • Hospitality & travel
  • Oil & Gas, construction, and real estate developers
  • Educational institutions, non-profit organizations and schools
  • Advertising agencies and marketing agencies
  • Lawyers, banks, consultants, architects & engineers

Why we started a video agency

10 years ago, a famous video company messed up our wedding video. There were no redos, no second chances. It’s all gone. Plus we paid top dollars for it. They sent us a newbie who had no clue. We couldn’t help but think surely people deserve better than this. That’s when we decided to turn something negative into a positive, and Memory Mill Media was born.

Today videographers come in all shapes and forms, some are great but very expensive and niche specific, and some leave much to be desired. Clients struggle to find an all-rounder that is reliable, affordable and has a diverse experience. We get that.

That’s why we’re extremely well positioned to offer something unique, quality videos that pay for themselves over and over, a crew that not only shoot well but edit like a pro, schedule production, come up with ideas that convert, and support you post-delivery.

Not your average video agency.

We’re a bit different from your average video production agency. Our style might not suit everyone, but for those who get on with our way of doing things, the outcomes speak for themselves. If that strikes a chord, reach out today.