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The Ultimate List | 54 Stunning iPhone Apps for Photographers

Lo and behold, the ultimate list of iPhone apps for photographers is upon you. From Photo Editing to Cameras, Inspirations, Weather and Productivity apps, this ultimate list has got you covered. You will only find the creme de la creme of iPhone apps specifically compiled to be useful for photographers, to help them create a more enjoyable, social and productive workflow.

Whether you’re an amateur or a pro photographer, you’re always on the look out for the best iPhone apps on the market. Ones that make your workflow easier and help you take gorgeous pictures to show off to your friends, family or even clients. iPhone apps for photographers are all the rave these days, especially after the advent of social media. Sharing a special moment with the world is now a click away. You can be hiking miles away, snap a beautiful pict, create a cute postcard, post it on the web or email it to your mom, right there and then. As Shareaholic very accurately says “Sharing is Sexy“, and the vast amount of iPhone apps for photographers made this statement that much more true.

My first phone had a 12 character screen.

iPhoneography is one of the most used hashtags on Instagram, and it’s so for a reason. The astounding progress in mobile technology in the last decade has made taking gorgeous photos possible, wherever you are, and sharing them with the world instantly. To a 90s kid that is not a granted convenience. My first mobile phone was a Philips Diga, it looked cool and even had a tiny screen! Yep imagine that. Sony Ericksson was the king of the market, then later Nokia. Back then the thought of taking 8MP pictures or full HD videos from a mobile phone looked like a sci-fi movie invention. Fast forward 15 years, all major tech companies old and new battle it out in a cataclysmic showdown to produce the best mobile phone ever created. One of the features that has seen tremendous progress is the camera. These tiny little lenses and chips have captured more special moments than all Polaroid pictures put together.

The importance of mobile photography.

As a professional photographer i now have an arsenal of great iPhone apps for Photographers at my disposal, ready to fire wherever i am. It’s not always easy to pull out your pro camera to snap every shot. By the time you pull out your DSLR, set it up, take samples and try again, the moment is gone. It’s so much easier to take out your phone, use a quick shortcut, and snap. This is exactly why iPhone photography has taken so much in our lives. The convenience of being able to record any moment in time, no matter how intricate the scene is, makes mobile photography an easy choice. If you’re not convinced of how important mobile photography is, look at how journalists document their reports on the field in places where holding cameras in public can be revealing. They feed live videos from their phones, up to a satellite link and down to your living room.

Can you show us the list already?

I’m almost there. But again as a professional photographer, i rely on iPhone photography apps only to complement my photography business. Whether i’m stuck in traffic or waiting in line, jogging towards a beautiful sunset or visited by a squirrel, using these apps allowed me to add engaging visual content to my blog posts or social media messages, and helped me create more compelling stories.

In this post i will share with you some of the most beautiful and useful apps i ever used. Tried and tested. To make it to the list, an app has to be:

  1. Beautifully designed
  2. Relatively cheap (or better, free)
  3. Useful for photographers
  4. Complements my workflow

I also organised them into categories for better presentation. So, let’s cut to the chase.

Note this post is not a review of every iPhone photography app out there, neither it is designed to be a full review article. There a gazillion other apps that could do the same thing, or i probably have not discovered yet, so your comments with suggestions are definitely welcome. The apps list below does not follow any specific order of priority.

Social Apps

1- Flickr


By Yahoo. Capture, Save and Edit photos right from your iPhone. Perfectly complements their web version with the addition of implementing a camera app. If you have a Flickr account and galleries, you can snap edit and upload your favourite photos right to your galleries without leaving your phone.

2- Meetup


By Meetup. Dubbed as the world’s largest network group. This is where i signup to all my photo walks and photography events and workshops. Perfect for meeting photographers in your area and organising photo trips together and sharing your photos.

3- Google+


Bu Google Inc. Connect to your personal profile or business page on the Google Plus network, update your photos, statuses and links. View your feed, comment and +1 straight from your phone. I manage my Google presence online from my browser and watch for updates as i go from this app.

4- Instagram


By Instagram Inc. The king of vintage filters and hashtags. I love using Instagram to share not just my photography projects but snapshots of my life as it happens. The filters are topnotch and if you follow quality photographers, this app can become a source of inspiration.

5- Pinterest


By Pinterest Inc. This visual bookmark is perfect to share images and organise them in boards. Secret boards can become handy if you want to capture and share your web findings with a specific person or keep it to yourself. Pinterest is my to-go app for finding photographic inspirations for my photo shoots.

6- EyeEm


By EyeEm. This is one to keep an eye on. One of the most beautifully crafted apps for photographers. Shoot, edit, share and connect with other photographers. Browse albums or create your own. I haven’t used this one much but it looks sexy and i’ll definitely give it a go.

Inspiration Apps

7- 9Gag


By 9Gag. This might not be your top inspirational app of choice but it’s definitely an app i use to find cool jokes and funny memes. You might land on a cool photo every once and a while you might wanna share with your photography page fans on a weekend.

8- Shutterstock


By Shutterstock. I’m not a stock photographer but i use this app to find gorgeous inspirational photography for ideas and brainstorming concepts. Search by keywords or browse curated content in high res preview. ou can even filter by colour then download your previews on your Phone to present ideas to your client.

9- Getty Images


By Getty Images Inc. This is another great tool to search, save and share previews of some of the world’s best conceptual and editorial visual content.

10- 123RF


By 123RF Limited. What’s cool with this app is you can shoot, edit then upload your mobile stock photos directly to your account on 123RF for sale. Again, i’m not a stock photographer but i love exploring what other photographers are shooting on their devices.

Photo Editing Apps

11- iPhoto


By Apple. Expands on the features set of the native Photo app, iPhoto gives you more powerful ways to browse, organise, edit and share your photos right from your phone. Multi-touch tools, exposure settings and great filters. All the great quality one can expect from the makers of iPhones themselves.

12- Repix


By Sumoing Ltd. This app is one of my favourites and is a definitely keeper in my arsenal of great iPhone apps for photographers. It doesn’t only allow you to edit your photos with filters but also use cool brushes to add that extra finish and turn your bland snaps into awesome shots.

13- ColorSplash


By Pocket Pixels Inc. This is a cool app to show off your editing skills. You can quickly turn your photos into black and white while retaining some of the colours in specific areas you choose. Beautiful app to create engaging and dramatic effects.

14- Over


By Over. This is a stunning app for adding texts and artwork to your photos. You can add custom made fonts and creative artwork to your photos using a sleek design, then share on your preferred social network. You can even send postcards right from the app.

15- Pixlr-o-matic


By Autodesk Inc. It’s a fun and simple way to add effects, overlays and borders to create a retro, grunge or any stylish looks. You can also share on Instagram or Flickr using appropriate hashtags.

16- Hipstamatic


By Hipstamatic LLC. Create and share analog photographs. The old days are back! Choose lenses, flashes and films to create hundreds of different effects. You can even order prints delivered straight to your door right from the app.

17- TiltShiftGen2


By Art & Mobile. This the second generation of the original toy camera app TiltShiftGen for iOS7. They added 9 new filter types and a live preview mode to the original lens blur and colour correction effects. The tilt shift effects created looks really cool and perfect to share with your friends on social networks.

18- PicsPlay Pro


by JellyBus Inc. It’s not the “best Photo Apps for Tablet”s on Forbes for nothing. It has more than 200 filters perfect for travelling shots. It has a builtin camera app, colour splash, tilt shift, artwork, brushes and much more. It’s your all-in-one photo editing app.

19- Mill Colour


By The Mill. Developed by an expert team of colourists, it emulates primary grading techniques to achieve gorgeous professional looking photos.

20- FX PhotoStudio


By MacPhun LLC. Offers more than 190 effects to turn your photos into Vintage, Dramatic, Analog, Monochrome, Grunge, Sketch, 3-D, Color Splash and much more. Also has a colour splash tool. Share your photos and create postcards right from the app.

21- Photo fx


By The Tiffen Company. Another edit, control and finishing app, but this one has 878 presets. You heard that right.. 878! I steal considering what you pay for. Photo fx brings you simulations of many popular award-winning Tiffen glass filters, specialized lenses, optical lab processes, film grain and much more.

22- Facetune


By Lightricks Ltd. For the selfie photographer in you. This is a fun and powerful photo editor specifically designed to fix, embellish and edit your self portraits. Fix smiles, skin, hair and eyes with this professional ground breaking app.

23- Afterlight


By Afterlight Collective, Inc. This one is packed with just the right filters, tools and photo editing features you can see in other more expensive apps. Check out the new seasonal filters, textures and frames you can add to create beautiful professional photos.

24- 360 Panorama


By Occipital, Inc. Take stunning 360 panoramas. No need to say more. This is one of the best 360 Panorama camera apps out there. Easily capture immersive panoramas in seconds and share 360 views with the world.

25- Matter


By Pixite LLC. ever thought of adding 3D objects to your 2D photos? This one allows you to add stunning 3D effects to your photos with real-time shadows and reflections.

26- Seene


By Obvious Engineering. These guys created a unique app that lets you create 3D photos with your iPhone camera! Whaaa? yep. 3D. Frame your shot, turn a few degrees around your subject and bam. Congratulate yourself, you just created a 3D image with your 2D camera. Also includes a social network to share your work.

27- Polamatic


By Dana Shakiba. Who said Polaroids are dead? Go back in time and turn your photos into vintage Polaroid images and choose from a great suite of filters and frames effects. Remember the past with this cool vintage photo app.

Watermark & Hashtags Apps

28- iWatermark


By Plum Amazing Software LLC. Although watermarking an image does not give you more protection since your copyright is legally given to you upon creation of the image itself, you can always make use of this app to tell the world you took the photo, and to advertise yourself.

29- Watermark Photo Square


By i-App Creation Co., Ltd. Same as above with the addition of being able to choose between a handful of presets which is cool, plus date formatting. In addition to a few photo editing capabilities, export and share options.

30- InstaTag


By Annex Products. It’s an Instagram fact that you get more likes and comments the more you add hashtags. But don’t overdo it. It easy to overload your insta picture with hashtags with this app. You still wanna keep your social sharing.. well.. social. So use but don’t abuse. This is a great app to pick your hashtags from a bunch of categories, copy and paste them right into Instagram. Does what it says very well.

Geeky Tools

31- Light Meter


By Nuwaste studios. Most of us photographers won’t have time to pull this one out, meter, setup your DSLR and shoot. But if you do have the time luxury then this one is for you. Point and let Light Meter choose the best settings for you. Choose your settings and the app will automatically calculate the best settings.

32- Nikon Camera Handbooks


By Keep this app in your pocket and access all your Nikon cameras handbooks easily. You can download and view Nikon cameras and lenses handbooks for offline reference.

33- ASMP Releases


By BrickSimple LLC. The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) have compiled this industry standards model and property release app. A must have app for professional photographers working in any kind of photography. Fill up the fields and email the model/client for signing. Very handy if you’re on the way to the shoot and forgot to print your releases.

34- Nikon Lenses


By Taggart Gorman. This is a very handy offline tool. The Nikon Lenses app is a guide to Nikon’s current lineup of F-Mount lenses used by both Nikon’s digital and film SLR cameras.

35- Sun Seeker


By ozPDA. A bit pricey but an absolute must for any serious photographer. If you’re concerned or unsure about the sun’s position at any given time in the future, this app is for you. Just lift up the camera to the sky and see where the sun will be positioned and at what time, chartered on its own course. 3D augmented reality never got better for serious photographers.

Camera Apps

36- VSCOcam


By Visual Supply Company. This app is a camera, photo editing app and social network for photographers blended beautifully together. Superior presets, efficient editing with a before and after mode, library browser, and social sharing. If you haven’t tried this one yet, it’s yours to grab for free.

37- KitCam


By Sebastian Short. Nothing short of a professional photo editing app. For a few bucks you get your hands on various lenses, film types, frames and even video HD capture and editing with an auto image stabiliser. Timelapse mode, night shot mode, light trail, slow shutter and more.

38- QuadCamera


By Art & Mobile. Another cool app by the same company that brought us TiltShiftGen2. In just one click this app takes 4 to 8 serial shots, and creates one image with all of them. Select from different layouts and apply various effects.

Productivity Apps

39- Buffer


By Buffer, Inc. I. Simply. Love. This. App. This is a life saver. I recently signup to their web version and i can’t stop using it ever since. Aggregate content from around the web using their awesome bookmarklet (even within facebook and instagram) and add them to a queue. Buffer will schedule your posts automatically using its clever best posting time algorithm. Your posts will be published to any social network you want on time. Pure genius, and it’s free. Their premium version adds even more control but the free one is just great as it is.

40- Pocket


By Read It Later, Inc. I use Pocket in conjunction with Buffer. Save all your articles from around the web to Pocket, if you’re still not sure if an article is worth posting yet. Read it later, then when you’re ready send it to Buffer for automatic scheduling. Life makes sense again :)

41- Todoist


By Doist. I know this article is not about productivity tools but i wanted to give a well rounded tool set of some of the best iPhone apps for photographers. I use this Todo app exclusively to gather all my thoughts and make room for some visual memory. Create projects and labels, with tasks reminders and notes and share them with your team. Some features unlock with a premium account to cover hosting but i find it well worth the money. Supports due dates, recurring tasks, sub-tasks and priorities.

42- Google Drive


By Google, Inc. Google Drive is an indispensable platform, even for hardcore Apple users. Quickly access your photos, documents, videos and any kind of files from the cloud directly on your phone. Read, edit and share your documents with ease. The UI is beautiful and complements all your other Google apps like Google Plus.

43- Dropbox


By Dropbox. If you enjoy using Dropbox instead of Google Drive, this app also lets you access your backed up photos, PDFs, videos and any files from the cloud directly to on your phone. You can also set it up to backup your camera roll photos to Dropbox in case anything happens to your phone. Share your files with anyone via links and add your files to favourites for easy offline viewing.

44- ScanBizCards

Free + paid

By ScanBiz Mobile Solutions L.P. Ever given business cards on a shoot then lost them in your pile of bills? This app lets you take a snapshot of any business cards and automagically converts it to a digital vCard, complete with phones, addresses, names etc. The days of buying business card holders are over. Digitise your business cards using this fast and awesome business cards scanner.



By IFTTT. If This Than That. If i post an Instagram picture Then send it to Buffer. If the weather is rainy send me an SMS. Create unique connections from channels across the web and let the internet serve you. Connections are called recipes. And there’s one for ANY situation. You can also browse a collection of user made recipes for almost anything you can think of.

Weather Apps

46- Yahoo Weather


By Yahoo. An award winning weather app. Plan your photo shoots well in advanced with this gorgeous weather app from Yahoo. Minimal yet powerful, this app puts the right forecast information front and centre with animated sunrise and sunset and all the gizmos.

47- InstaWeather


By byss mobile. The Instagram of the weather world. Take a snapshot of the world outside and composite gorgeously themed presets of weather information data over it. Let your friends and family know you’re shooting a squirrel under the snow and watch their reaction.

48- The Weather Channel


By The Weather Channel Interactive. The CNN authority of weather forecast apps. Plan your hours, days or weeks in advance. Animated radar, hurricane centre, weather news and videos, animated background, multitouch navigation and more.

49- Clear Day


By vimov, LLC. Formerly Weather HD. This is a completely redesigned app from the ground up over its predecessor. This is the most stunning and soothing weather app amongst the batch. 3D weather maps with severe weather alerts, quick view design and even a cool facebook friends weather.

50- Dark Sky


By Jackadam. This is my weather app of choice and i use it daily. It doesn’t have complicated features, just the right info at a swipe of your finger. All i wanna know is whether it’s gonna rain, how sever it will be, at what time and for how long. This app “tells” it in a human tone. I can scroll the radar map to see the trajectory of an approaching storm, swipe again and i can access low and high temps and this weeks fluctuations. Just 3 screens with all the info you need in a very sexy design.

Meme Creators

51- Meme Generator


By ZOMBODROID. For a splash of fun, if you’re out of things to share as a pro photographer why not create your own photos? Access a library of the internet’s largest meme library. Favourite your best, edit and share. It can also show you example texts that goes with every picture in edit mode.

52- Whisper


By WhisperText LLC. What if you could tell the world what’s on your mind yet remain anonymous? Wouldn’t that be ideal? Well this app is becoming an photo sharing revolution thanks to its awesome concept. You can choose your own photos or pick ones that reflects what you wanna say. Add your text and share. People will not be able to see who you are beyond your nickname. Like and reply to other photos in complete secrecy. The things i’ve read there…

Notable Mentions

53- Casetify


By Casetagram. Now you can turn your favourite photos into iPhone iPod and iPad cases and quite literally carry your moments with you. Design it and they’ll ship it for you for free worldwide. Is that cool or what!

54- CamFind


By Image Searcher. I’m wrapping this huge article up with a pretty cool visual search engine tool. This is the Google Goggles for the rest of us. It comes complete with price comparisons, related places, address finder and instant recognition of whatever your eye can see.

Well this ends my day long research of some of the coolest players in the iPhone for photographers app world. My apologies if you couldn’t find your app here but again, this was not a showdown of all the iPhone apps for photographers out there. These are some of the iPhone apps you can find on my iPone right now. Yep.. all of them. If you’re a photo geek like me and like to play with camera toys, do introduce yourself and let me know who you are in the comments.

Are you using other cool iPhone apps for photographers? Share them with the world right here. Let us know you dropped by!