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The Importance Of Wedding Videos & Why You Can’t Afford Not To Have One

We cannot overstate the importance of wedding videos. After all is said and done, nothing remains forever except for your memories.

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event for you, and i thought it deserves your attention.

The Importance Of Wedding Videos

Imagine if your wedding celebration passes by, and there’s no way you could watch it all over again. That would be upsetting to say the least. There’s a reason why Videos have become the preferred medium for bloggers, websites, social sites, and viewers at home consume more videos every day through YouTube. Videos tell stories like no other channel, and what better way to tell your wedding day than a beautiful wedding video?

Because every moment of your wedding is special, you’ll want to remember it all in glorious detail. High quality photos will go a long way in capturing snapshots of your big day, however, there are moments in your wedding which are too vivid to be told by a photo. Moments which you’ll want to relive time and time again with your loved ones. After all every second of video is made out of 25 individual photos (frames). Imagine how many frames a 30 minutes video contains!

Videos also capture sound. Watching a wedding album is like watching a silent movie. What about that life changing “I Do” or that heart warming speech your dad gave? It would be all lost without video.

Beyond Wedding Photos

Importance of wedding videos

For moments which go beyond the scope of a photo, you’ll want to have a video of your day. A wedding video, even a short five minute one, will turn back time and put you back at your wedding day, to see it from a different perspective.

As a company that produces memories, we understand how invaluable these moments are. A well produced video can capture all the following, and then some:

– Your walk down the aisle, your father’s tears, your mother’s smile
– The minister’s advice and corny jokes
– Your first dance
– The toasts, silly dances, throwing the bouquet, your lively exit.

Bonus Advice

If i had to offer one advice for couples it would be this: Hire a videographer for your wedding. With a good wedding video, you and your husband will forever hear one another reciting your vows, and be reminded of the love which compelled you to spend your lives together in the first place. And in many years you can watch the video with your children as they laugh about the fashion of time, or when you shared your first kiss.

P.S. Check out our special collections combining photos and videos. If you book both with us, you’ll save some money and guarantee high quality memories.