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100 Videos in 2 Months | Superset Fitness Gym Case Study

Fitness Training App Videos

100 videos in 2 months

Sidney Smith, owner and personal trainer at Superset Fitness Gym in Nassau Bay TX, wanted to produce 100 videos for his new training app. One month after launching his app, he increased his customer base by 45%. Learn how we did it in this case study.
100 Videos in 2 Months | Superset Fitness Gym Case Study

The Vision

Sidney is an awesome guy. He was 54 years old at the time of production, but looked like 34. He is such an inspiring trainer with an awesome personality and colonel-style rigor.He trains senior executives and moms alike, helping them get off their meds and customizing a personalized training program and diet plan.Despite the success of his business, and like any entrepreneur, he wanted to take it to the next level. He wanted to launch a virtual app through which he could reach and teach clients nationwide.

The Challenge

Producing one video per exercise is a monumental feat, the app had a launch deadline and Sidney had zero videos.He found us on and commissioned us to produce all videos, including an intro video for the course and a commercial.Superset Fitness is based in Nassau Bay, TX, about an hour and 15min from our office in Katy. Coordinating meetings, logistics, shooting, retakes and revisions was the most challenging part.

The Solution

Spread over 8 weekends we scheduled to shoot an entire day worth of content at a time for him, about 20 videos per day. These were simple exercise routine videos but needed an extensive amount of preparation, organization and accuracy. One missed routine and the entire schedule was thrown off.We threw in a few interviews with him and client testimonials, and using the huge amount of exercise footage we shot, we created the commercial.On the editing side, timeliness and speed were a priority. We used to review the videos remotely with Sidney who appreciated the benefit of having such a cool review system, allowing his comments to show up live on our editing timeline, which sped up the entire post production workflow.

The Result

With a combination of organization, an accurate production schedule, and such a cool client to work with, we were able to deliver on the promise and upload 100 videos to his virtual app.On time, on brief and on budget, his videos are now live on his website, YouTube channel and Facebook page, dominating the first Google Search results page for “Fitness Gym in Nassau Bay”.

Owner of Memory Mill Media and seasoned video producer Zach Nassif has produced videos in Houston and Dubai for more than 20 years. Zach now helps companies attract and convert customers, tell their stories, and increase brand awareness using the power of video.