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Cinematic Dental Videos.

The quality of your videos should match the quality of care you provide.

Know who you are & build your video content strategy around that. Zero down on what makes your business special, and we will build your entire video content around your unique value proposition.

Benefits Of Video


Dominate Search Results

Build your YouTube channel and Google will prioritize your content over other search results. Videos tell search engines that your site is relevant to user searches and that your content is current and fresh.


Video has the best ROI

Other types of media campaigns boost your presence only momentarily as long as you keep paying. Producing videos builds long term organic traffic that keeps working even when you stop paying for video.


Video Builds Brand Awareness

By dominating search results, you stay top of mind when patients see your brand time and again. Video also builds your reputation as an expert in your field and increases engagement on social media.


Connect With Your Patients

Videos don't have to be informative, they have the power to connect with patient on an emotional level. They get to see and hear you, discover your culture, and know the real people behind the names.

Dental Practice Photos

Stock images can leave a negative impact on your image. Personalize your website with real pictures of your doctors, staff, office, equipment and services. Print them on ID cards, use them on your site or post them on your social media.

Drone Footage

Aerials as grand as your practice.

Drones allow us to get impossible angles to highlight your location and building. Included in every package, our smart remote controlled little aircraft can shoot 4k at slow motion speeds, which you can use to showcase the scenery around your practice, as well as major intersections and parking space. Another creative way to use drones is to get a group shot of your entire team from the air!

Video Editing

A videographer who can't edit is like a dentist who can't mill. Click on each window below.
Choose the best option for your growth strategy.

Tying it all together.

Every dental office is different. Some like to start small and grow their video archive as they go, others want the fastest way to complete online domination. Below you will find several creative ways we can adapt your video production plan to your strategy.


On-Demand videos to complement your existing content

Choose from the suggestions below or tell us what you need.
  • Practice Welcome Video
  • Services Video
  • Meet Your Doctors
  • Patient Education Series
  • Patient Stories
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For growing practices new to dental videos

Get started quickly with these proven ideas or customize your own. Great for practices that don't have videos or a marketing team yet.
  • 1x Welcome Video
  • 3x Service Videos
  • 2x Meet Your Doctor / Staff
  • 1x Walkthrough Video for Google
  • 3x Patient Education Videos
  • 3x Patient Stories
  • Photography: New staff/website photos
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A monthly retainer for practices with marketing teams & long term goals.

Stay relevant, current and engaged. Skyrocket your SEO efforts, maximize ROI and help your brand stay top-of-mind. Doctors also benefit from aggressive discounts.
  • Quality consistency
  • Familiarity with core mission
  • Simple budgeting
  • Brand knowledge
  • Aggressive discounts
  • Grow your social engagement and organic traffic
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Can I customize a package?

Of course! We know that every dental office provides different specialties, have different cultures and end goals. We can tailor a package after an initial meeting and come up with a plan that works for you.

Do you offer full marketing services?

Our strength is in telling a story visually, creating films that not only look great, but also convert. There are many dental marketing companies out there, but the bulk of your investment will always be video production. We’re proud that our videographers not only know dentistry, but are master editors, can direct and get what they want, respect patients’ privacy and schedule, plan and coordinate with your teams. We prefer to focus on what we do best and not stretch ourselves.

But I already have a marketing team

That’s great! Actually we prefer if you already have a marketing plan in place, our videos can plug into your existing campaigns and produce results. We want to be sure that your videos are also seen by the right audience. We work with video marketers, online marketing teams and executives to tailor the angle of our story to make sure you get the best out of your marketing investments, social ads and PPC campaigns.

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