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Professional Portraits for Social Profiles

Professional portraits – Why are they important to you?

Let’s be real. When you look at a LinkedIn profile and see a blank photo what does it say to you? How about a blurred selfie on Facebook? Would you wanna do business with that person? Most probably not. The way you portray your social presence has become an undeniable factor of who you are. We’ve been taking professional portraits for business and personal use for almost 7 years, and we noticed one thing in common in all my clients: They all want to look good and they are all conscious about how people perceive them. Professional portraits become increasingly important if you’re looking for a job, or use social media to represent who you are and what you do.

Here’s an interesting finding. According to the 2012 annual technology market survey conducted by Eurocom Worldwide, “Almost one in five technology industry executives say that a candidate’s social media profile has caused them not to hire that person.” That’s 20% of surveyed hiring managers! If we want to judge a company that recently contacted us, we go to their website and see how it looks. It says everything you need to know about their corporate image and even the quality standards of their managers. Your profile picture isn’t any different.

What Do Professional Portraits Say About You?

Professional Portraits

Professional studio photographs can feel uptight. They feel copy pasted, posed and unnatural. Just google “executive portraits studio” and you’ll know what we mean. Yes you will look very correct but what does it say about the real you? Does it show your character? Personality? or anything about your style? Nothing. Don’t get us wrong, these photos do work for certain executives and business people whose industries dictates this specific image. But what about the rest of us? This is why we love taking our clients outdoors.. to be themselves.

It’s best to have your profile picture feature you alone, not your pet or significant other unless you’re a vet or a marriage counselor and that’s part of your professional image. Again, there is no right or wrong here, do whatever works for you, but do it professionally.

Choose The Best Photography Style for Your Image.

Professional Portraits

Based on what you do and who you are, the way you are dressed should reflect the norms of the profession you’re in or hope to join. If you’re looking for a job in media or fashion, then you can wear more colours or jewellery. Want to join a Sports company? then show yourself being athletic and healthy. What about an executive position? Perhaps an outdoor shot on a sunny day can show professionalism yet friendliness. But be careful, it’s usually best to stay real. What you don’t want is to walk into an interview and have the employer say, ‘I wouldn’t have recognized you, you look so different.’ Choose the image that people can identify you with. People respond to authenticity so try and keep your dogs, cats and little ones for another time, people will get bored if you spoon feed them that you adore your baby all the time.

One more important thing, choose someone you’re comfortable with to take your pictures. You’ll look more comfortable and natural. That’s why we click with people before clicking the shutter. All of our portraits work are created well before the session date. It starts with us becoming acquainted. We want to know you better before knowing what best light suits you, what dress you should wear and what location best suits your image.

You can be on your way today for a great online image. If you’re looking to upgrade your social presence with professional portraits, we’re here to help.