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Katy Mills Railroad – The Heart of Katy, TX

Katy Mills Railroad Facts

Did you know that the first Katy Mills Train tracks were laid in 1873 from Houston to Sealy? It was called the  Western Narrow Gauge Railroad.


A few years later the Missouri Kansas Texas railroad ran through the city and it was dubbed the Katy railroad and completed in 1875. Then a railroad station depot was built and brought new families form northern states. Katy began to grow. Petroleum, rice and livestock were carried from Katy to nearby areas, the demand for gas skyrocketed before pipelines were installed in the years prior to and during WWII.

In 1989, the Missouri Kansas Texas line was finally merged into the Union Pacific Railroad system. The Texas Department of Transportation bought the old MKT right-of-way from Union Pacific in 1998 and the line from Katy to Houston was closed in 2000. Although there is still rail service in Katy serving local industry, the tracks end at the east side of town at Katy Fort Bend County Road.

Today the station is a place for residents to remember their city’s origins

Driven by curiosity to explore the city i live in, i took my camera to the Katy Mills Railroad Tracks at Fort Bend. These photos are more like impressions than your typical postcard images, but they represent how i see things, the feeling of past and present gave depth to each image because the more you know about a location the more valuable the photographs become.

Do hot summers, cold winters, thick mud and voracious mosquitoes sound familiar? Even these didn’t stop early residents from settling in. Katy later became known for rice farming, the first concrete rice driers in the state of Texas were built here in 1944 and still stand as landmarks.




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