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How To Build a Photography Website With WordPress

Build a Photography Website Easily in 15 steps | WikiHow

We’ve written this thorough article on how to build a photography website in wordpress on WikiHow. 15 steps will guide you from choosing your brand identity to finding free wordpress themes and plugins for photographers. This article assumes that you are comfortable installing WordPress and managing the admin area. It is not designed for beginners or those not familiar with the platform.

If you’re a photographer looking to create a photography website but don’t have time to build a blueprint or roadmap to get you there, this article is for you. We are professional photographers ourselves and we know how much time it takes to get a well working site off the ground while editing pictures, and thinking of sales and marketing strategies. We tried looking for help online but most articles were outdated, too short or not specifically dedicated to photographers.

Click here to read the full article. Or you can quickly jump to the best 35 Free WordPress themes for Photographers curated by our friends at AThemes to find gorgeous themes you can start customizing right away, best of all they’re free!