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Free Website Analysis For Any Houston Business.

Simply enter your website URL below, and we will personally visit your website and conduct a thorough audit. This free website analysis will perform a visual, informative, navigational and SEO-based analysis. We will then email you back with tips on the best plan of action to completely revitalize and propel your business online.

Things We’ll Check

Video Content

Video vs Text Analysis

A website without a video is like a Ferrari without a driver. No matter how great your text-based website is, you’re leaving money on the table. We will analyze how much video content your website can hold and what we can do about it.

User Experience

Ease of use of your website

Even if your website does have video but they’re buried under endless clicks, no one will see them. Your videos must be front and center so we will offer you video placement guidance and analyze how your visitors are navigating your site.


Google Ranking

Google loves videos, and sites with videos tend to show up on Google’s first page results for your keywords. We will conduct a keyword based analysis to see if your website is ranking for the keywords you want, and if video is properly optimized.

Start 2020 With An Aggressive Video Content Strategy

If you’re a small business owner that does not have a video marketing team, you’re not alone. All of our clients do not, so don’t worry. We’re here to bridge that gap. You might be great at what you do but simply don’t know where to start when it come to creating videos, or don’t have the time to worry about video production. We’re here for you. We will help you create an aggressive video content strategy laid out for a whole year, so you get regular videos produced for you each and every month.

10 Ways We Make Video Marketing Easier For You.

  1. Our work will not interrupt your daily operations.
  2. We can shoot in tight spaces so business size does not matter.
  3. We can shoot before or after your normal working hours, or during the weekend if needed.
  4. Most of the work is done in post production (editing) and pre-production (meetings, concepts).
  5. Actual shooting time is often limited to a few hours.
  6. Fixed costs. You will know exactly how much you’re spending on video the entire year. No more one-off video surprises.
  7. We can produce up to 10 videos/month for your business without interrupting your operations, not even for a day.
  8. You get peace of mind dealing with one company that gets immersed in your brand, offering you quality consistency.
  9. Flexibility in swapping videos you don’t need for videos you do, without changing the retainer fee.
  10. Priority access to our time, heavy discounts, drone included, less paperwork, one invoice/month and so much more benefits!

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