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Dental Video Productions Houston

Video Is The Future Of Dental Marketing.

Know who you are & build your video content strategy around that. Zero down on what makes your business special, and we will build your entire video content strategy around your unique value proposition.

Engage your customers in a new way.

  • Stay Relevant
  • Keep Them Current

Dominate Google's Results

  • Build Your YouTube Channel
  • Boost Your SEO

Estimate costs and reduce video spend.

  • Pay In Bulk, Save $$$
  • Plan Your Budget Ahead


Video Content Strategies.

Customized Around Your Business

Your business needs video. But what you also need is people to see that video. We don’t cookie-cut solutions to fit everybody. What works for someone might not work for others. This is why we tailor fit every strategy to speak to your goals, your company culture and your business needs.

Benefits Of Long Term Strategy

Get a year full of video strategy content already planned out. Here are the benefits of having an annual video content strategy:

  • Up to 10 videos produced for you every month
  • Discounted production rates
  • One brief, one vendor, consistent branding
  • High performance, Google loving SEO that drives traffic

Grow Your Sales

The Video Strategy
Your Dental Practice Always Needed.

A well planned video content strategy can boost your revenue in many ways. Directly through increased traffic, and indirectly via increased brand awareness.

Estimated growth

*Based on real client feedback

Get started

easy steps.

Our step by step methodology reduces hesitation about acquiring video. You might not know how video can impact your business until you see the numbers.

% of people buy after
watching videos
% of message retained vs
10% with text
1- Identify
1- Identify

Lingering issues with your online presence.

4- Sign Contract
4- Sign Contract

Outlining deliverables and payments.

2- Define
2- Define

Your target market and your tone.

5- Produce
5- Produce

We shoot all you need to get videos weekly.

3- Brainstorm
3- Brainstorm

Video content ideas with our team.

6- Distribute
6- Distribute

Your videos to support your marketing.

Simple pricing

Choose a plan that
fits your goals.




Perfect place to start. Two videos per month.

  • 1 x Corporate Film (3-5min)
  • 1 FREE 30 seconds Cutdown
  • 1 Service video OR 1 Patient Story
  • FREE Business Photography
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* Best for small operations.




Expand your online presence. 4 videos per month.

  • 1 x Corporate Film (3-5min)
  • 2 FREE 30 seconds Cutdowns
  • 1 Service Video
  • 1 Patient Story
  • 1 Meet Your Doctor Video
  • FREE Business Photography
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* Suitable for established businesses.




Online presence overhaul. 6 videos per month.

  • 1 Corporate Film (3-5min)
  • 2 FREE 30 seconds Cutdowns
  • 2 Service Videos
  • 2 Patient Stories
  • 1 Meet Your Doctor Video
  • FREE Business Photography!
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* Perfect for teams who need fastest results.

All packages above are completely customizable.

Prices may change at any time.

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Get a free
Video Content plan.

Tell us where you are, and where you want to be.

We’ll send you a 12 months video content plan free.

All customized to your business.