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6 Dental Video Tips To Grow Your Dental Practice

6 Ways To Grow Your Dental Practice With Video

Nothing can evoke emotions like a well-designed video. Today's dental practices often struggle to differentiate themselves successfully; after all, when people look for a dentist, they're often looking for the closest one, and they're usually looking online. Through video, dental practices are able to display their own unique operations and values, and prove their value to their customers.
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Note: How To Grow Your Dental Practice With Video was prepared for Memory Mill Media by our friend Joe Forte at D-MAK Productions. We encourage you to visit their website if you are a dental practice in need of dental video production in Greater Phoenix or Arizona state.

Here are 6 ways video can propel a dental practice online.

1- Show Patients What Your Clinic is About

Before a patient comes into a dental clinic, their first impressions are formed solely by the clinic’s media. They may check reviews on Facebook, look on Yelp, or just browse the clinic’s website.

Video marketing allows you to grow your dental practice by controlling your patient’s first impressions, and by giving them a detailed look into how your clinic operates, how it looks, and the dentists that your patient is most likely to see.

Consider the Fort Bend Dental location walkthrough, which highlights the features of the newly renovated space. When watching, patients will be reassured and gain a level of familiarity with the space that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Not only do they see some of the faces they can expect to see there, but they know what they’re going to walk into.

2- Emphasize Personalized Care at Your Clinic

When it comes to dentistry, patients want to work with someone they feel comfortable with. A patient’s choice of dentist is almost always driven by being confident in that dentist.

Video is more personal than a blog, a social media post, or even an article in a trade periodical. Through video, patients are able to get a better feel for the dentists and technicians who are going to be treating them.

Because of this, dental videos are a great way to grow your dental practice, and build both trust and authority. Patients are going to feel a personal connection to the dentists they “meet” through video, and will be more likely to entrust them with their care.

3- Develop a Relationship With Your Patients

“Update” videos and timely news-related videos are a good way to continue to develop relationships with existing patients. Existing patients, for instance, may be concerned about recent illness or flu; they may want to know if it’s still a good time to get dental work done, and what they can do to protect themselves.

At the other end of the spectrum, a dental practice might close for remodeling, and need to update its patients on when it will reopen, and what the remodeling is for. Keeping patients “in the loop” through video is a personal way to show them that the dental practice cares about them. The more communicative a dentist is, the more it fosters a real relationship, which is what ultimately leads to better client retention.

Dentists can post regular “inside the dental office” videos, updates on local news, and even just overviews of general health situations for their existing clientele, for instance this COVID-19 update video. The more personalized the information is to what local patients are concerned about, the more likely it is to be impactful to them.

4- Use Video to Discuss Procedures

Dentists work with the same procedures every day, and these procedures are quite natural and well known to them. But for a patient, every procedure can seem alien and intimidating. Even a cavity filling or a root canal is an intimidating process to someone who has never had one before.

In the following service video, the process of placing permanent, rather than temporary, crowns is discussed. Not only is the value to the patient outlined (the patient gets same day service and doesn’t have to come back), but also the service is personalized. Patients feel more connected to their dentists and their dental work when they’re given a detailed overview of their processes.

5- Create Shareable Videos for Marketing

If your videos are useful enough, they will be shared throughout social media. Consider a general video about the proper practices for brushing — if it’s entertaining, it will be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

Videos are an excellent method of advertising, not just a way to connect one-on-one with patients. When videos are shared, more potential patients are exposed to your clinic, and may trust your clinic when they find that they need dental care.

In advertising, a significant amount of the focus is getting your brand developed. If, within your state, people begin to see your name and logo, and identify it with good dental care, they are going to be more likely to think about you when they need to recommend a service, or when they need a service themselves.

The more videos you create, and the more entertaining and engaging they are, the more likely they are to be shared in this way. Videos can develop their own life, “become viral,” and ultimately create a very extensive marketing campaign for you.

6- Build Your Dental Authority

Apart from being shareable, videos also make you an authority on a subject. If patients are looking at your website, they want to know that you’re an expert within your field. Well-produced, compelling videos are a way to show that you understand your dental practice deeply, and that you’re interested in conveying this knowledge to your patients.

Many patients feel as though they are in the dark about processes. They want to know that they have the best dentist, but because they don’t know much about dentistry, it’s hard for them to determine whether a dentist is a good dentist. The more material you produce that they can review and experience, the more they’ll get a feel for the dental clinic’s expertise and artistry.

Video is the best way for dentists to introduce themselves to patients and differentiate themselves from other clinics. Today, the market for dentists is becoming quite competitive, and many independent dental clinics are finding themselves competing with large chains and national enterprises. Through video, dentists are able to give their work a personal touch, and reach out to their patients on an emotional level.

Video Production Phoenix – Article by Joe Forte, producer at D-MAK Productions, a professional video production company based in Phoenix, Arizona.