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Your Wedding Videos Don’t Have to be Clichés

It Happened to Us.

Memories are supposed to last a lifetime, it doesn’t hurt though to have a copy of the milestone events in your lives. The most cherished of them all is your wedding videos. We’ve seen couples who were moved to tears when they watched their wedding video for the first time, not tears of joy, but tears of rage. We know this because it happened to us. We paid thousands of dollars for a photography/videography wedding package back in May 2014 (one of the top rated wedding companies on The Knot by the way), and we were very disappointed. Our videographer missed our church entrance and our photos were 75% dark or very bright. We know not all weddings are perfect and pictures are nice, but they will never replace our missing memories.


Houston Weedding Videography

Don’t Let It Happen to You.

How many times did your wedding videographer miss that once in a lifetime moment that you will never be able to get back? How many times did your wedding videos look like a template, void of any style or long and dull? At The Memory Mill we guarantee not only a full coverage of your special day, but we’ll go the extra mile to make sure your wedding video looks like a motion picture. How we do this? It’s simple: Cinematic Editing.

Where the Magic Happens.

Most wedding videographers or wedding studios take shortcuts when it comes to post production because few take the video editing stage as an art in itself. We understand this process like the back of our hands, because we come from a 18 years of video post production experience. We don’t over book ourselves and treat all wedding videos like our own.

From the moment you put on your dress, all the way to your honeymoon hotel, our wedding videographer and photographer will be with you, direct you and give you ideas and guidance. Depending on your wedding package you may also get a full-day producer who will assist you and your wedding videographer in planning, scheduling, and quality assurance.


Houston Wedding Videographers

Quality Review & Style Analysis.

Once the day ends, your wedding footage will undergo a thorough quality review and style analysis. We will work with whatever music you like, cut your footage down to the frame, apply color correction and special effects when needed. Our wedding video editing style is cinematic and minimal. Not just that, depending on your package we can also build a wedding website for you from scratch and embed the wedding video and other pictures so you can easily share it with your friends and family.

Our wedding videos packages includes:


  • Pre-wedding consultation with our wedding producer
  • 1 or more videographers (half-day or full-day), at extra charge
  • 1 or more photographers, at extra charge
  • Full High Definition Camera kit
  • On and off camera lighting kit
  • Basic sound kit
  • Multiple locations



  • Professional editing 3-5min highlight reel of the best moments of the day
  • 45min to 1 hour full story of your wedding day, at extra charge
  • 3 revisions for all edited versions
  • Background music of your choice



  • Online video hosting on your own wedding website (optional)
  • Easy payment plan – Included on all our packages.


Extra Add-on Services: (At extra charge)

  • Additional time (per hour) per crew, at extra charge
  • Additional DVD copies
  • Additional videographer (to capture your wedding from different angles)
  • USB with Raw footage of your entire day
  • Bridals, Engagement or Dinner Rehearsal sessions


Email your personal wedding producer today to book your wedding crew as soon as possible.