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Book One Company To Do Wedding Photos & Videos – Here’s Why

A very common request we get as wedding photos & videos professionals is this: “I already have a photographer, i just need you to do videos”. If this is you, read on. If it’s not, then you’re in luck. Here’s why.

While you might have a preferred wedding photographer in mind or you’ve booked someone already, few people will be honest to share with you these invaluable tips, or you might think they’re pushing bundles to make more money. While it’s true we do make more money but there’s a lot more at stake, mainly your own sanity.

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Why Booking One Company For Your Wedding Photos & Videos Is Your Best Bet

1- Less Headaches

There is no doubt that dealing with 2 companies can add extra headache you don’t need. For example it doubles the amount of paperwork you’ll be doing, another contract to read and sign, and it adds yet another briefing session to you or your wedding coordinator. You have a million and one thing flying through your mind right now, why add more work?

2- More Savings

You’ll miss out on the bundle discount. Most companies worth their name will offer you a cool discount if you choose to bundle photography and videography together. For example we discount bundles by 10%. When your total is in the thousands, 10% means hundreds of dollars!

3- Consistent Quality

Two different companies will produce two different styles and quality levels. When you skim through wedding companies portfolios you’ll notice that no two companies are the same. Each photographer has a different style yes but each company also have different quality standards. Some companies will go as far as hiring college grads, paying them peanuts and charge you an arm and a leg. We don’t do this.

4- No conflict of interest.

When a photographer and a videographer come from two different companies they will battle it out (without you knowing) over your time, your attention, and the key moments of your wedding. Whereas if both have worked together for the same company they will help each other, get out of the way or share the same angle, for the benefit of the final result as a whole, not just their own.


Want to get out of this mess and have peace of mind? Hire one company to do the job. Brief one person and this person will take care of booking and briefing the necessary video/photo crew for you so you don’t have to. Hiring the same company to do both means: Less paperwork, less miscommunication, less headaches for you, no conflict of interest, and the crew works like a team.

May every moment of your wedding day be memorable and remembered!

P.S. We’re happy to talk about your options for bundling photos and videos. Contact us so we can discuss your needs and customize a package just for you.