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Anessa’s Graduation Portraits

Prom, Senior & Graduation Portraits

Congratulations to the beautiful Anessa S. for graduating from nursing school with a bachelors of science in nursing from Texas A&M!

What i liked most about this shoot is that Anessa was comfortable and easy to direct, even if deep inside she was kinda stressed out, but the results look great. It was cloudy all day which was a perfect setting for portraits photography but as soon as we started shooting the sun came out. I tried to avoid contested shadows or having her look into the sun so we tried different postures in different shaded areas to get a good variety and it worked out beautifully.

At The Memory Mill Productions we specialize in senior photography, prom and graduation portraits and parties, birthdays and special events, as well as music, concert and business events photography. Budget minded and quality photos are what we do best and we work around your budget, so you always get premium photos without a hole in your pocket.