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4 Unusual & Easy Composition Tips For Beginner Photographers

Today I am going to give you 4 unusual yet easy composition tips for beginner photographers, which will help you take some really compelling shots in the start of your journey as a photographer. You have just started your career in photography and have probably bought some new gear. Well, congratulations on your first investment in photography. And the people out there with smartphones, these tips are also for you. So, I am going to talk about some cool composition techniques because the way you compose your image simply reflects your level in photography and of course your imagination. You might be thinking about the classic rule of thirds but there is lot more in than that and here I will be outlining some tips for beginner photographers that you might not have heard before.

So, let’s get started!

4 Easy Tips For Beginner Photographers

1. The Rule of Odds

Yes, the rule of odds and it is not same as the rule of thirds which you may already know about. So what exactly is the rule of odds? When composing an image you should consider odd number of subjects in your frame like three, five and not two or six. Odd number of objects or subjects have been proven to be more interesting and visually more appealing. Just go out and try this once and you will find your images much more intriguing.

Rule of Odds - Tips for Beginner Photographers2. The Curved Lines

You might have heard about the leading lines before and this is more or less similar to that. But including curved lines in your composition will invite the viewer to roam around his or her eyes in the image towards the subject and this will develop the viewer’s interest in the image.

Curved Lines - Tips for Beginner Photographers3. The Rule of Space

This is another composition technique that helps your subject to stand out in the image. Another noticeable major advantage of this technique is the sense of movement. Suppose you take a shot of a man walking towards right side. Using the rule of space, put the man on the left side of your image leaving negative space on the right. This will help the viewer to imagine the movement of the subject.

Rule of Space - Tips for Beginner Photographers4. Frame within a Frame

Yes, frame within a frame. You might have heard about the symmetrical frame or putting your subject within the right frame. But this is a little bit different. Let me illustrate: There is a photo op in front of you but you don’t feel it offers any exciting angle. Look around, try to find a window or door, or even a natural setting where you can place your subject. Your viewers eyes will be guided towards the subject naturally. You can also combine this technique with the rule of space like the picture below, and what seems to be a simple photo will suddenly become more powerful.

Frame within a frame - Tips for Beginner PhotographersSo, that’s all for today. I hope following these tips for beginner photographers will make your photos stand out. Remember one thing: The most important thing in photography is the person behind the camera, and there is no perfect composition technique. Photography is all about imagination.

Keep Imagining, have fun and keep shooting!