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12 Powerful Ways to Use Videos to Showcase Your Business

An effective video is be the best marketing investment you’ll make all year.


Facts First.

In the last 2 minutes more than 500 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube, and worldwide viewers generated billions of views today. Now imagine the potential reach of your video in your target market. Your audience is hungry, let’s give them what they want.


Numbers Don’t Lie.

According to QuickSprout data, videos increase people’s understanding of your product or service by 74%, while 75% of users will visit your website after viewing a video. Your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if it includes a video.


What is The Best Video Production Solution for Your Business?

company overview videos

1- Company overview video. A company website without a video is like a product without the packaging. In today’s world a professionally produced video is a must for any serious business. Explain your services, your mission and how you stand out from the competition with a powerful video that communicates your corporate identity.


testimonial videos

2- Testimonials video. If you already have a company video and have an extensive list of existing clients we can shoot a compilation of testimonial interviews that tells the success stories your clients had with your company. A great testimonial video is a stamp of approval and a great marketing tool for any business.


instructional videos

3- How-Tos & Instructional Videos. Another great marketing tool for your online arsenal are How-To videos. These explain in detail the ins and outs of creating and using one or all of your products and services. Let’s say you’re in the Finance industry, a How-To video can explain to your potential clients how they can save money, or how to take out a loan.



4- Webisodes. Webisodes are a series of episodic pieces published at a regular interval. Application examples include Health, Gardening, Security, Sports, Arts, Pets Training and so on. No matter what your business is, you can engage your viewers on a long term basis giving them fresh, new content about your industry and establish yourself as an expert.


shows events videos

5- Shows & Events. Event planners, schools, sports camps and art centers all need to capture their performances, shows or games, and the best way to do it is through.. you guessed it, video. Our High Definition cameras, long zoom lenses and steady tripods are primed for indoors performances as well as outdoors.


making of videos

6- Making Of. Let’s say you’re an agency managing a social media campaign and you want to offer your subscribers or social media fans an exclusive bonus, we can produce a Making Of video of your latest event, taking your viewers behind closed doors by sharing something exclusively to them. These kind of videos are easy to produce and are very effective.



7- Timelapse Videos. Imagine you can capture your entire project’s construction from start to finish and watch it build itself from the ground up in under 2 minutes. With our dedicated construction cameras, now you can. These are great to showcase your project, protect against claims or report to head office. Timelapse videos are guaranteed to wow your clients.


Where Can i Publish My Video For Maximum Exposure?


8- Your website/Blog. Once your video is produced and finalized it will be delivered to you in a digital format. You can then upload it directly to your site’s homepage , or include it inside a blog post, or upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and embed it on your site.



9- YouTube/Vimeo. The advantage of uploading your videos to video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo is that you can take advantage of the social landscape of each of them. They’re more interactive and makes it easier for your viewers to share.



10- Social Media. Upload your videos directly to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and make your videos go viral! The effects are exponential, just like network referrals. Each viral share on social media is an endorsement to your brand.



11- In your office. We can also burn the video on DVD for you to play on loop on a large HD LCD screen inside your office, where clients, employees or visitors can educate themselves about your services in the waiting room.



12- At an exhibition. Same as above, but here you take your LCD screen to an exhibition and have your video play on loop on a huge screen to have walker-bys stop by your kiosk and learn about what you do in minutes.


How Much Does It Cost? How Long Does It Take?

The cost and timeframe of a video production varies greatly, and is highly dependent on what you need, how long is your script, how many services you want to cover, how many locations to shoot, people to interview, style of music, choice of voice over talent and so on. But most of all, it is the genre of video that can dictate the essential elements, and therefore, cost and time. Timelapse videos don’t cost as much as a 10 minutes corporate video for example but takes much more time to shoot.