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10 Creative Ways To Use Timelapse in Your Corporate Videos

What Is Timelapse Photography.

Timelapse Photography is a visual technique where a single frame is captured at a regular time interval. A frame is a single full frame image which, when combined with 29 (24 in other countries) other frames, form one second of video. So let’s say you capture one frame at 4pm and the next at 5pm and so on, 30 times in total, then play these at a rate of 30 frames per second, the resulting video will be one second in length, showing a time (lapse) of 30 hours.

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The time interval (or frame rate, the rate at which a single frame is captured over a certain time) can be changed and adapted to the time needed to fill and empty a certain event, finish a construction project or whatever you’re trying to showcase, and the final length of the time lapse video.

The Science Behind Timelapse (Example).

If you need to capture the entire construction progress of a commercial building that will take 6 months to complete, and need a final timelapse video of 2 minutes, this means we need a total of 3600 frames (2min=120sec x 30 frames=3600 frames). These will be shot over the course of 6 months or 120 days. But we don’t need to keep shooting overnight, so let’s say the sun rises at 6am and sets at 8pm, we have 14 hours per day to shoot, or 2640 minutes per day. That’s a total of 79 200 minutes per month (2640 x 30 days). Over 6 months, we have 475 200 minutes to use for filming.

So if we need to capture 3600 frames in 475 200 minutes, each frame needs to be taken every 132 minutes, or 2.2 hours (475 200 minutes divided by 3600 frames). And that’s our final timelapse frame rate= 2.2 hours per frame.

Flexibility for All Projects Long & Short.

Our timelapse cameras can also be set to record at shorter frame rates per second or per minute, to cover for example the construction of a tent, or people filling up a concert hall. Don’t worry about the math because we’ll be doing all the hard number crunching for you. Because of this flexibility in setting our frame rates to capture short and long projects, the benefits of timelapse videos can be applied to multiple business uses from upgrading a roof or building a product, to backyard landscaping and building construction.

Timelapse video rates change depending on the length of time required to shoot and the number of cameras needed to cover additional angles. Extra cameras allow a deeper coverage of your project from different angles, which is very helpful when editing your final piece. We can have one camera that shoots the exterior of a building for example and another inside to cover the interior design. Having more than one camera adds an extra layer of flexibility and is great to cover every angle of your event or construction project.

Our Timelapse Packages & Rates.

All our cameras are weather proof, so they can withstand the ever changing Houston weather. Standard on all our cameras are wide angle lenses to be sure we cover a wider action area than traditional cameras. These timelapse cameras don’t need AC power because our premium batteries and the internal power saving features allow an extend usage time of over 7 months of continuous power on a single battery charge! To complete your package all our rates include video editing of your timelapse video. We will stitch the frames together to form a continuous video, add music, titles and your own logo, free of charge. Our timelapse packages start at $450 for one day then $85 / day up to 2 weeks, or $950 for one week then $150 / week up to 2 months, or $2000 for 2 months then $500 / month.

timelapse videos packages

Timelapse Applications by Industry.

We’ve gathered different timelapse projects applications from a variety of industries to show you how easy it is to apply this technology for any genre of business. These ideas will help you get inspired and understand better how timelapse videos can be beneficial for your business.

As you see below, timelapse video applications are as diverse as the industries they serve, and can be used in many ways to showcase a project, further a brand, boost security, educate us or simply capture the world around us from a whole new angle.